Benefits of Nail Guns

There are several different types of AEG nail guns. The best one is the 18v 15g, which works well on hardwood and pine. There are two fire settings and three ways to fire this model. Its battery is tight and needs to be clicked in with a slam. Here are some tips for selecting an AdelaideTools AEG nail gun. You can choose the model that works for you by comparing the features and price.



If you need to fasten large items in your home, you can invest in an AEG nail gun. You can choose from a wide variety of models with different features. Depending on your needs, you can get a paintless nail gun that is relatively easy to use. These are typically only adequate for smaller jobs but can produce hundreds of nails per hour. If you plan on doing repetitive tasks, you should invest in a cordless nail gun, which is an efficient choice.


An AEG nail gun comes with a built-in high-pressure inflator, which allows you to top up the gun’s pressure without sending it to a service centre. This gun is also lightweight, making it one of the most portable battery-powered options. Its aggressive power comes with excellent comfort and control. It’s an excellent choice for any home project. The following features are available in an AEG nail gun:



Many options are available if you’re looking to buy a new nail gun but aren’t sure what brand to buy. You can find the most popular brands at Bunnings, such as Bosch and Cenco. The AEG nail gun is a great value at $399. It shoots 65 mm nails with ease and is also much cheaper than a top-of-the-range model from Dewalt.


The AEG nailer is similar to the AdelaideTools nailer but requires two stages to function. First, you load the magazine with nails. Then, a spring locks the shells in place. You also get a buffer, so shell casings don’t hit you while shooting. Lastly, the AEG is easy to clean and has a longer battery life than many similar models. The only downside is the price tag.


Battery type

The most common battery type for an AdelaideTools AEG nail gun is lithium-ion. While the battery in an AEG nail gun does not last forever, most are designed for long-term use. In addition to this, AEG nail guns come with built-in high-pressure inflators, which you can add if the battery is low. It allows you to top up the nail gun’s battery while working without sending it to a service centre. Battery-powered nailers are lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, and they deliver aggressive power while offering excellent comfort and control.



The durability of an AEG nail gun is important for your safety. The nailhead must penetrate the wood efficiently, and a good one should have a swivel connector so you can easily change the materials you are working on. There are six basic types of nail guns: framing nailers, concrete nailers, surface nailers, and flooring nailers. The surface nailer is great for securing wood, stucco, ceramic tile, and gypsum board.


The brushless AEG nail gun is another popular choice for framing and skirting applications. The brushless design is similar but has a cylinder parallel to the barrel instead of a tumbler. This feature eliminates a tumbler guard and helps prevent the spent casings from shooting into the air. The RRP of an AEG brushless nail gun is $399, and it is available at many Bunnings Warehouses.


Charging time

An AdelaideTools AEG nail gun offers excellent value. It is heavier than its competitors, such as Bosch and Cenco, but is far more compact and lightweight. In addition, the 18V F-RAPIDFIRE 10Ga 30o-34o framing nailer has no gas cartridges, pneumatic hoses, or specialized charging circuitry and has zero ramp up time. Aside from the quality of the product, the AEG nailer is cheaper than similar models from Dewalt, Bosch, and Cenco.


The AEG B18N18-201C nailer is a cordless nail gun capable of driving 64mm nails into hardwood. It is easy to spot at Bunnings, where the representative drives a bright orange Ute with an AEG on the side. Ask to see a demo model if available. You can also get a demo model of the nail gun by asking the rep to demonstrate it.