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Costs and Safety Concerns When Installing Plantation Shutters

If you’re considering installing plantation shutters, you may be wondering about the costs and safety concerns involved. Here’s some information to help you out:

Cost of installing plantation shutters

plantation shutters installation AdelaideTo estimate the cost of installing plantation shutters, use a home shutter cost calculator. You should note the size of the windows and make a note of the measurements. Remember to account for moisture and temperature changes when calculating the installation cost. You can also request an in-home consultation for a more accurate quote. A shutter company will also visit your home to assess the window dimensions and recommend the most appropriate shutter style and material.

One of the biggest benefits of shutters is their timeless beauty. They never go out of style. They cannot be purchased off the shelf and are highly customisable. They add incredible curb appeal to any home and are one of the best investments you can make. A plantation shutter installation costs about $20 per square foot, but prices vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. If you are concerned about the cost, you can consider DIY options to save money.

Cost of hiring a professional to install them

If you are looking for a reliable contractor to install your new plantation shutters, Homewyse is an excellent option. It allows you to quickly calculate the cost of installing your new shutters without leaving your home. First, fill out a simple form asking about the shutters you want and their location. Next, answer a few questions about your needed tools and materials. Your home’s age and housing type should also be taken into consideration. This way, the calculator will give you an estimate quickly.

Regarding installation costs of plantation shutters installation Adelaide, this cost can be as high as $620 for a set of faux wood slat blinds installed on eight twenty-seven-inch windows. The total cost of installation depends on many factors, including material, number of windows, location, housing type and whether or not you’re hiring a professional. Fortunately, if you can hire a professional, the cost will be a fraction of the actual cost of the shutters.

Preparation for installation

Regarding plantation shutters installation Adelaide, a bit of preparation is needed. The first step in the installation process is to align the panels. The right way up will go on the top panel and bottom panel. You will also need 2 U-channels on each panel. Attach the large U-channel to the top panel and the small one to the bottom. Finally, line up the panels so they will close properly.

Safety concerns

When installing plantation shutters, you should be aware of child safety issues. Small children easily get hurt by sharp edges, uncovered outlets, and dangling strings. These are typical concerns with other window coverings, but plantation shutters eliminate these risks. The shutters’ levers and cords are secured directly to the window, and there is no danger of a child tripping over them.

The shutters themselves are anchored to the window frames. Therefore, curious fingers cannot pull them loose, causing injury or death. Also, the shutters can be tilted to allow ventilation from the outside while remaining safe from prying eyes. Hence, they are a good option for homes with small children. But, safety concerns are not the only reason to avoid installing these window treatments. Read on to learn about some of the common safety concerns of homeowners.

Energy efficiency

In addition to being beautiful, plantation shutters also help your home conserve energy. They prevent heat buildup in your home during the summer and filter light to keep your indoor temperature comfortable. The result is less stress on your air conditioning system, which makes your home more energy efficient. Not only will you save money on your energy bill, but your wallet will thank you. You can enjoy these benefits in the comfort of your home while still having the luxury of enjoying the many benefits of plantation shutters.

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