How to Wear Men’s Socks

Mens socks have evolved from plain black dress socks and white tube tones into bold colours, patterned designs and novelty repeats. Men no longer wear neckties for sartorial flair but start at the toes and wear fun socks. If you haven’t tried men’s socks, read on to learn how to wear them. You’ll have a new wardrobe staple in no time. Here are some tips to get you started.



Socks for men come in many sizes, but how do you choose the right size? The answer depends mainly on the style you’re looking for. Unfortunately, most men’s socks are one size too small, so sizing is an individual preference. Luckily, some simple tips help you determine the right size for your feet. First, figure out your shoe size. If you don’t know, this is easy to convert your shoe size to the correct sock size.


The sock size for men is 10-13, corresponding to men’s shoe sizes from 7 to 12. Usually, sizes are available for men with feet as small as 9.5 inches. You can also find extra-large socks for larger feet. If you’re unsure, consult a sock size chart. However, be aware that sock sizes are not gender-specific. If unsure, look for a pair in your shoe size range.



If you are looking for high-quality socks, consider the materials used for men’s socks. Wool is among the most common materials, but other options are available. The finest grade of wool is merino wool. You can also opt for cashmere, which comes from goat hair. This luxurious material has a silk-like feel and is exceptionally absorbent. Cashmere is one of Pantsman’s favourite materials for his sock line.



The first thing to consider when choosing the colour of men’s socks is the style of the pants you’re wearing. Darker-coloured socks can be too distracting if the pants are too light. To avoid this problem, choose a darker colour. For sporty looks, choose socks that match the sportswear. You can match socks to sneakers, belts, or other accessories. To avoid looking too flashy or foolish, try to match your socks with your shoes and other accessories.


For everyday wear, the most comfortable option is 100% cotton. But, cotton is not suitable for outdoor activities because it absorbs sweat and is not easy to dry. Once wet, cotton is uncomfortable and can cause blisters on foot. As a result, silk men’s socks are relatively rare in the market. Silk socks are lustrous and provide excellent comfort but are not challenging enough for outdoor use. So, be sure to measure your foot.



There are two major types of mens socks: over-the-knee (OTK) and thigh-high (THK). Over-the-knee socks cover the entire leg and are most commonly paired with skirts, shorts, and dresses. Thigh-high socks cover just the knee and are mainly worn by men who do not wear high heels. Generally, men should choose the longest sock available when shopping for a new pair of socks.



Changing seasons can cause a man to switch up his sock choices, but following the seasons can help you stay stylish and comfortable. For example, wearing floral socks in fall tones can switch up your look. Pair of Thieves suggests burgundy or purple tones when choosing socks. In addition, when your socks begin to lose shape, it’s time to replace them. If you want to stay current with the latest trends, try to buy new ones often.



Men’s socks come in many styles and prices. Socks are worn to protect the feet from various conditions, from heat to cold. Sweaty feet are a health concern, as the moisture from their feet can penetrate the inner layer of a leather shoe. In addition to being uncomfortable, sweaty feet can lead to fungal and wart infections. The price of men’s socks can vary greatly depending on the material used and the brand.