Bathroom Renovations

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to selecting tiles for your bathroom, there are several different types that you can choose from. Ceramic tile, for example, is ubiquitous and easy to maintain. These tiles are available in many different styles, colours, and price ranges. You can get unglazed ceramic tiles for a rustic look or buy glazed tiles for better protection. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision. Read on to find out more about the benefits of ceramic tile.

Large format tile

bathroom tiles AdelaideIf you want to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom, large format bathroom tiles are a perfect choice. They have many style benefits and are easier to maintain than smaller tiles. In addition, large format bathroom tiles will make your small bathroom seem spacious and blend in with your decor, giving your bathroom a spa-like feel. Check out these tips if you’re unsure what type of large format bathroom tiles suit your bathroom.

First, consider the size of the room. Four or three large format tiles can be laid on a single long wall if your bathroom is large. However, a smaller bathroom will look strange if only two or three large tiles are used. To ensure a seamless look, use coordinating tile grout and feature tiles. Perini Tiles can help you pick the best tiles and coordinate them with your new bathroom cabinets, vanity top, and finishes.

Large format bathroom tiles Adelaide are best suited for bathrooms with high ceilings. They create a seamless look and require less grout than smaller tiles. They are also easier to clean and are available in both porcelain and ceramic. They can be installed on the walls or floors, giving your bathroom a spacious feel. Large format bathroom tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, large format tiles are also more expensive than standard-sized ones, so ensure you have the necessary space before beginning the installation process.

Matte finish

When selecting the finish of your bathroom tiles, consider the benefits of glossy and matte finishes. Glossy tiles are not suitable for bathrooms since they tend to show stains and require frequent cleaning. Furthermore, glossy tiles are not safe to use in wet areas, as they become slippery when wet. However, if you install glossy tiles in a wet area, you should consider the benefits of a matte finish instead.

For example, a glossy ceramic tile repels water and looks great around the shower or tub. However, it can be slippery when wet, so you should consider choosing matte finish tile for the shower walls. A textured tile gives a good underfoot grip and is usually made by adding sand to a matte glaze. It creates an anti-slip finish. These tiles are more expensive than a glossy tile, but they’re a significant investment if you want to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

A matte tile is easier to clean than a glossy tile. A small amount of detergent and vinegar should be used to clean matte tiles. A stiff brush will help to remove any dirt. A lint-free cloth is also helpful, and vinegar kills mould and fungus. It would be best to consider this finish when selecting bathroom tiles. It will prevent stains and water damage from spreading and increasing. You may even want to consider adding a matt floor to your bathroom if it is a high-traffic area.

Light-coloured tile

If you’re planning to remodel a bathroom shortly, you might want to consider light-coloured bathroom tiles. These tiles are often used in kitchens and bathrooms, and their soothing colour creates an uplifting environment. Light-coloured tiles can be used on the floor, wall, or ceiling. Often, these tiles are used in the bathtub and shower area, but you can also use them anywhere else. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best tiles for your bathroom.

If you have limited bathroom space, opt for light-coloured bathroom tiles. Dark tiles absorb light, making the room appear smaller and darker. You can try to counteract this effect by placing a large mirror or installing ceiling lights. It is also an effective way to increase the space in your bathroom. For more ideas, visit AGL Tiles. These tiles are available in various colours and textures to suit all styles and budgets.

If you’re considering porcelain tiles for your bathroom, you’ll have a lot of choices. Porcelain tiles are durable and can be used in all climates. They have a non-slip surface and can withstand water for a long time. If you’re looking for a bathroom tile that conveys sophistication, light-coloured bathroom tiles are a great choice. Just be sure to choose a style that suits the rest of your home.

Non-slip level

The non-slip level of bathroom tiles is crucial in deciding the safety of your tile floor. Several R ratings are available for bathroom tiles, and the higher the number, the better. For example, choose R10 tiles or higher for bathroom flooring if you want your floors to be safe from accidents. These tiles are best for areas that are unlikely to get wet but may need to be cleaned quickly after a spill. For a bathroom floor, you can choose any R-rated tile as long as it is installed with a bathmat or a non-slip mat.

If you are concerned about the safety of your flooring, look for textured bathroom tiles with a high slip-resistant rating. These tiles have an extra textured surface to increase your feet’ grip on the floor. While ceramic tiles are prevalent, they can be very slippery when wet. Non-slip tiles have a textured surface or nanostructured design that provides additional grip. It means that there is less risk of injury in the bathroom.

Natural stone is the best option for non-slip bathroom flooring. Though natural stone is expensive and difficult to install, it will last a lifetime and look just like the day you installed it. If you cannot afford to purchase natural stone, you can always choose ceramic or porcelain tiles. They offer similar non-slip properties to stone, but their main difference is the surface they are laid on. While tiles are less slippery than natural stone, they may still be unfavourable to those who have unsteady feet.


One of the most significant projects you can take on when renovating a bathroom is installing new tiles. Whether you’re remodelling the floor or walls, you’ll want to choose the right tile for the long-term style of the room. A few styles you might want to consider include classic and modern. While metal tile is usually used on bathroom walls, it’s also an excellent option for the floor. Metal tiles come in various textures and tones, including glass and stainless steel. Metal tiles can be smooth or textured and can be found in several styles, including classic patterned ones and contemporary designs. You can even install metal tiles behind bathroom fixtures, such as in the fireplace.

While choosing your bathroom tile, keep in mind the overall vibe of your home. Some bathrooms look great with a minimalist design, but others look better with a more elaborate tile design. One excellent option is mosaic-style tile. These tiles come in many patterns and colours, adding visual interest to a bathroom. For example, mosaic tiles are an excellent option for wet rooms, and mosaic tiles can add visual interest to any bathroom.

The type of bathroom tiles you choose will have a significant impact on the appearance of your home. Large format tiles are popular in bathrooms as they have fewer grout lines and can create a seamless look. However, they are often unnecessary in smaller bathrooms. Single-coloured or small-sized tiles work well in splashbacks and are also a good option if your space is limited. Be sure not to overdo it, though, as too much colour or pattern can overwhelm a small bathroom.